A Complete Fleet Management Solution


Control the Chaos of Fleet Maintenance and Management with Owlview

Our vehicle tracking devices provide you with live updates every single minute, Google mapping with satellite images and street view. Full report suite including speeding, idling and Excel reports, email reports and customized locations. With systems tailored to your requirements we are a perfect fit for your vehicle tracking requirements, we do also have in-house UK based customer service team. Using a vehicle tracker gives you and your business many benefits. For example, a vehicle tracker will maintain a healthy relationship with clients and promote team efficiency. Also, a vehicle tracker will inevitably save your money as they can highlight fuel wastage, and locate company cost-savings. GPS tracking in real-time can ensure that you can check (and prove) time of delivery or arrival, and so you can avoid costly disputes.

Vehicle trackers are also helpful for security measures. The impact on a business when a vehicle or vehicles are stolen can be huge. The cost of day to day disruption, insurance premium increase and not to mention the cost of the contents of the vehicle itself, expensive tools & equipment for example.